Herpes Found on Fifty Shades of Grey Book

The E. L. James book was one of ten most popular books in a public library

Scientists have proven that buying the Fifty Shades of Grey book actually can give you herpes.

Traces of the virus have been found on an edition of the book in a library in Antwerp. The tests were performed by a bacteriologist and a toxicologist, who I am sure did not have plenty of other things to do.

There are many surprising aspects to this story. First of all, the scientists did not set out to examine all the E. L. James books they could get their hands on, they picked the ten most borrowed books in a library, and Fifty Shades was one of them.

According to Gawker, the traces of herpes were minimal and not enough for contamination, but the irony of it is still funny.

The fact that the James novel was borrowed by someone with herpes is not as odd as finding that all ten books had cocaine of them. Still, people are shocked about the herpes on the Fifty Shades book.

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