Heroes of Newerth Suffers Password Security Breach

Hackers breached a third party that had access to the account database

Heroes of Newerth players are being prompted to change their passwords as a result of a security breach.

The developer, S2 Games, states that hackers have managed to gain access to user passwords after they've breached a third-party software that interacts with their account database.

“We’ve been working around the clock with our internal expert security staff to analyze what happened, and it is our mission to be completely transparent. We know that only passwords were stolen. No credit card or billing information was compromised, as we do not store this information,” they stated.

They added, “Contrary to some outside reports, the game client was not hacked.”

After becoming aware of the breach, the developers shut down the system for around 10 hours, during which they eliminated password storage issues by removing the ability of third parties to access sensitive information.

During the downtime, security systems were upgraded to prevent future incidents.

Players are advised to change not only their Heroes of Newerth passwords, but also the ones of other accounts that share the same set of credentials.

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