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Apple has released a new iOS 8 Beta and OS X version for developers

A new iOS 8 Beta was released by Apple on Monday. The fifth Beta comes two weeks after the previous release. The over-the-air download has between 193MB and 272 MB, depending on the device you are using. Mac Developers have received an update as well. The fifth developer preview for OS X Yosemite is out now. 
iOS 8 doesn't change the look of the iPhone or iPad operating systems, but adds some new functionality and improves upon iOS 7.
Here's what's new in iOS 8 Beta 5:
- HealthKit now measures Spirometry. This is the most common pulmonary function test that measures the lung function and the flow of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. This is important because it can detect problems like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and others.

- The iCloud, Backup, Family Sharing, and Keychain icons in the iCloud Settings Menu have been changed. They look like the opposite from the iOS 7 icons – blue cloud on a white background.

- SMS Relay is a new function that enables your iPad or MacBook Pro to see, receive, and send text messages over iMessages protocol.

- The Health app has been updated with new icons for Body data, Data Exporting, and a new option for showing Medical ID on Emergency Lock screen.

- New iCloud Photo Library settings have been added: Optimize iPhone Storage and Download and Keep originals.

- Swipe down access for Spotlight is much quicker.
- A New Health panel has been introduced in Privacy settings

- Predictive text now has a Toggle

- Option to Export Health Data in

- “Last Updated” information for iCloud sync in Photos

iOS 8 is expected to be out at the end of September 2014. The new OS will bring major changes to the Photos app. This will replace the iPhoto and Aperture apps on OS X and work on iOS too. The new messages app will let you connect with friends and family not only through text, but with voice messages and short videos. 
The keyboard will get improved as well. iOS 8 makes it easier to type by suggesting contextually-appropriate words to complete your sentences. 
One of the best new features is Handoff. You will be able to start something on your iPhone and finish it on your iPad or Mac. Also, the iPad or Mac will be able to answer calls and send and receive text messages. 
OS X Yosemite, however, is a totally different operating system with a new interface and added features. Apple has changed OS X to take some design cues from iOS 7 and work much better with the iPhone.

Here's what's new in OS X Yosemite Developer Preview:

- Calculator is more transparent than in the previous beta (Thanks @dmarsh1996)
- The System Preferences top bar has been tweaked

- Volume HUD icons now look more like their iOS counterparts

Together with today's updates, Apple has released a new beta software for Apple TV and a new beta of Xcode 6.

Refresh this page, as we will unveil what's new with iOS 8 Beta 5 and the fifth developer preview for OS X Yosemite.


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