Here's How You Cook on the International Space Station – Video

Chris Hadfield demonstrates a popular recipe done in space

We've found out how astronauts clip their nails in space, which is something everyone wanted to know, we've found out how astronauts wash their hands.

Yes, also in space, on Earth astronauts probably wash their hands like the rest of us mortals. Then again, who knows?

Now though, everyone's favorite ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield wants to reveal how astronauts cook in space. It turns out, not to be too stereotypical, it's exactly like most single men cook back on Earth, they pour some peanut butter on a piece of bread and call it a day.

This is in space though, surely, it can't be that easy, you're probably thinking. You're right too, there's no bread in space, at least not on the International Space Station, there are however tortillas – space tortillas which last 18 months.

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