Here's How You 3D Print Something Just by Thinking About It

Brain waves were captured and interpreted in order to produce a shape

Technology has reached the point where it can actually interpret brain waves, which means that scientists are, naturally, researching the living lights out of all the possibilities that provides.

And since 3D printing seems to be such a rave nowadays, Chilean company Thinker Thing figured why not combine the two?

The result was the Emotiv EPOC brain-computer headset, which allowed CTO George Lakowsky to think what he wanted to print, only for the 3D printer to go ahead and do it.

“Evolutionary mutations” from the user’s mind were used to print the 3D object.

The technology is the result of a government-funded project. ThinkerThing is thinking of extending the project to kids and even “dreaming” items into reality. As long as the brain still produces those small electrical impulses, there can be no limit to ideas.


ThinkerThing mind-reading headset (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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