Here's How NASA's Karen Nyberg Washes Her Long Hair in Space – Video

Like most other things on the ISS, the process is surprisingly simple

It seems that it's not just Chris Hadfield that can create awesome videos in space, shoot thousands of photos, and still have time to run through his job duties.

While no one currently on board the International Space Station is quite as gifted at getting the public involved as Hadfield, were still getting some great photos and even a few videos.

NASA’s Karen Nyberg, currently serving aboard the ISS, has been getting a lot of questions about how she manages to keep her long hair clean in a place where there are obviously no showers.

So she put together a video showing her routine. It's actually fairly simple and not at all glamorous, like most trivial tasks proved to be performed even in space. The only tricks are using a no-rinse shampoo and, of course, the magic of zero gravity which keeps the water in place.

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