Here’s How Microsoft Could Save Its Business, Courtesy of Former Employee

Joachim Kempin is back, this time with a turnaround plan for his former employer

You probably remember Joachim Kempin, the former Microsoft employee who left the company in 2002 and made headlines these days with all kinds of harsh words for Steve Ballmer and the products released by the tech titan in the past few months.

Well, he’s back, this time with a bunch of advice for the Redmond-based software firm that apparently needs a turnaround plan to make sure everything will be OK in the long term.

According to Kempin’s post on ReadWrite, Microsoft needs a new leader, and this isn’t at all surprising given the fact that he’s been blasting Steve Ballmer on a regular basis.

He says that “The company needs a bold and charismatic executive with bona fide technical credentials to head all of its product divisions. This dynamic leader must not only serve as the main spokesperson for all products, but he or she must also inspire and command the respect of developers.”

Second of all, Microsoft must focus a lot more on the enterprise market, the only one that’s expected to embrace its products in the future, including the next Windows contraptions.

Third, the company should try to make the most of the United States education system, as plenty of school computers are running outdated software.

This is a huge opportunity for Microsoft, Kempin said in his post, as bringing new Windows and Office versions on thousands of computers would obviously bring in a lot of cash.

“From a marketing perspective, wouldn’t it be great to introduce the next generation early in life to a company called Microsoft instead of Google?” he wrote.

As for Ballmer, Kempin continues to criticize the CEO, this time indirectly. He emphasizes that finding a new leader is a priority for Microsoft, as the company needs someone to showcase its offerings in front of the customers.

“This new tech leader should streamline Microsoft’s offerings in several key product areas. Mimicking Google, and trying to beat Google, which is what Microsoft is doing today, is a distraction and will not lead to dominance,” he concluded.

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