Here’s Billy, the Abused Dog Rescued from a Puppy Mill – Video

This is simply one of the most heart-warming rescue stories ever, people say

The fact that puppy mills do not sit very well with animal rights activists is a well-known fact. As this video shows, there is a very good reason for why this should be so.

Billy, the Chihuahua featured in this video, was rescued from a puppy mill in North Carolina quite a while ago.

Despite his doing well now, Adam, his rescuer, explains that when he first found Billy, the dog was in a pretty bad shape.

As shown in the video, he was extremely thin and part of his lower jaw was missing.

Under Adam’s care, Billy managed to put on some weight and is now leading a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Hopefully, this video will help raise some awareness with respect to the abuses animals suffer in puppy mills.

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