Here’s Ben Affleck as Batman in New “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Photo

He sure looks like he has a lot on his mind, not happy at all

As the buzz continues around Warner Bros.’ rumored plans to bring “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” to Comic-Con 2014, now underway in San Diego, director Zack Snyder and set photographer Clay Enos are making sure you won’t forget about the Caped Crusader with all the superhero / geeky treats coming from the huge convention.

Some hours ago, Enos tweeted a brand new photo of Ben Affleck as Batman in the film, with the caption “Excellent use of a Nikon D4 eh? #batmanvsuperman #slr.” The pic was also posted to Snyder’s feed some minutes later.

So, what we’re getting this time is a close-up of Batman’s face, with the focus on the cowl and Affleck’s lower jaw. You can also notice he has a grey-ish 5 o’clock shadow on his face, which falls in line with what we’ve heard so far about this iteration of the character: he will be old, tired, and quite sick of it all, crime-fighting including.

The close-up also allows a better look at the cowl which, as we learned yesterday from Comic-Con, where the actual cowl used in the movie is now on show, has angry eyebrows permanently etched on it. That’s probably to further drive the message home that, indeed, Batman is one emo, frustrated dude.

From the two photos we’ve seen of The Bat so far, neither of which offered a full shot of his face, he’s one very unhappy individual. We’ll see how this translates to the big screen when the film comes out in May 2016 and perhaps even before that, with the first official trailer.

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