Here Is Where Laptop Sales Will Grow the Most This Year

China isn't the only country with many potential buyers

The first half of the year is nearing its end, so people are turning their eyes towards the third and fourth quarters and what they may bring on the IT market.

The country with one of the highest projected increases in laptop sales is Brazil, oddly enough. That's what one of the most recent reports from Digitimes says anyway.

Acer and Lenovo are among the most active in the region, along with HP, Dell and Samsung.

Compal also means to boost its local production capacity, hoping to increase monthly shipments from 100,000-120,000 to 180,000-200,000.

All in all, shipments of notebooks in the second half of the year should go up by as much as 50%. That goes to show just how well Brazil is doing and how fast the population is warming up to laptops.

We have no doubt that Intel and its partners will try to use the rising interest in their ultrabook promotion agenda.

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