Here Are the Ten Best Tweets on #WindowsRage

Microsoft’s anti-Android campaign turns into an unexpected fiasco

Microsoft yesterday rolled out a new campaign supposed to bring its Windows Phone 8 in the spotlight by encouraging users to post tweets regarding their bad experience with an Android device.

The problem, however, is that plenty of Twitter users have actually turned against Microsoft and heavily criticized its very products.

Most of them think that Microsoft is actually coming down to an unfair tactic in its attempt to trash talk the other products on the market. These comments keep coming on the #WindowsRage hashtag, but we’ve selected ten of them that seem to perfectly express users’ views on Microsoft’s new advertising strategy.

Feel free to submit your own in the comment box below or using the #WindowsRage hashtag on Twitter.

“I once thought about writing malware for a Windows Phone but then I thought, aren't they suffering enough?”

“People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Microsoft. Windows is the most malware-ridden platform out there.”

“When you don't look good, you don't laugh at others being ugly. Especially when the other guy actually looks better.”

“Yeah, replace two clicks to sleep a PC with swipe and 3 clicks. On Android - one button click. Way to go, Microsoft!”

“Buy a Windows phone. Plug it into a Windows PC. Can't browse the phone contents in Windows Explorer.”

“I tried to buy a Nexus 4 but the device is so popular to get one! I wish it was less popular like Windows Phone.”

“I was gonna buy a Windows phone, but it wasn't worth the trouble of flashing Android onto it. Plus financially supporting evil.”

“You'll never get Malware from our Windows Store. You'll never find any third-party support either!”

“Steve Ballmer said 'Android is Malware Prone', few weeks after 16 year old hacked Windos Phone 8.”

“Oh my... Anyone know of an equivalent to "Ctrl + Alt + Suppr" on windows phone?”

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