Here Are the Latest Notebook Shipments Forecasts

HP, ASUS, Lenovo and Acer all hope for some sequential growth

Another week, another shipment forecast comes out. This time we are looking at the expectations for the month of March on the notebook market.

While ASUS is expecting a rather modest 1.1 million notebooks this month, Acer is hoping for 2.7 million, while HP thinks it will scrounge up 2 million.

Compared to February, the figures are 17-18%, 20% and 27% higher. February being a shorter month than usual was part of the reason. That the first quarter of the year is always the “slow season” is the other.

Nevertheless, Lenovo will perform even better than HP. While it won't show the same growth (10% only), it will sell more than 2 million laptops.

That leaves Dell as the only company that expects a drop in shipments, although the overall first quarter evolution will still be positive (19%).

Speaking of which, Acer will go up by 10%, Lenovo by 20%, Toshiba by 42%, ASUS by 41%, and HP by 33%.

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