Hemp Available: Hard Truckers' Fatty

Eco-friendly loudspeaker cabinets offer great sound and removable grilles

For those who were never about to rock and don't have a clue what the Wall of Sound was, here's the ultra-short story: the Wall of Sound was Grateful Dead's (tell me you have at least heard of them, please) loudspeaker array with whose help they kept on rocking the entire world. It boasted 26,400W and at that time this was simply huge, if not unbelievable. Well, behind the Wall of Sound stood some very determined and ambitious folks, the Hard Truckers, who have built and maintained the Wall both on and off tours.[admark=1]

And as the Hard Truckers aren't exactly the guys to waste time sleeping, they've created an eco-friendly loudspeaker cabinet, namely The Fatty and proudly presented it yesterday.

The eco in the eco-friendly stuff relates to the biggest problem when it comes to instruments and loudspeaker industry: they use wood, which tends to become rather expensive and even scarce these days. Therefore something had to be done and the Hard Truckers named it: hemp.

Indeed, the Fatty is a cabinet made of 3/4" boards made from pressed hemp. Well, I have also raised an eyebrow like you have just done...but it seems like pressed hemp did it. The Fatty is not only a viable loudspeaker project but its sound simply rocks, as Hard Truckers happily announced; this speaker can be used for home practice by guitarists or keyboardists alike, or can be stacked together to create a front of house set that will seriously blast you.

The Fatty comes loaded with 12" Alnico Tubby Tone drivers which also sport hemp cones for an almost organic, natural sound. Other most neat things about the Fatty involve the bamboo cover and the very retro tie-dye grilles that can be switched and removed according to your wish and is kept in place by rare earth magnets.

According to the variations in finishes and exclusive front covers, the Fatty is now available for prices ranging between $1,500 and $1,700.

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