"Hello Kitty's Birthday Surprise" Is a Mobile Game

The cutest characters come to mobile phones

MOffY Limited and Ozura Mobile announced the launch of Hello Kitty Mobile Game, "Hello Kitty's Birthday Surprise", in MaxGames, the largest mobile gaming community portal in Malaysia. The game brings a great amount of entertainment based on the amusing cartoon character.

Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters and mobile content are being published on a large number of markets, especially in South East Asia areas, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The cute character has already become highly popular in the countries where related products have been released.

"Hello Kitty's Birthday Surprise was developed under a cooperation between MOffY and Ozura. The game provides fans with an extraordinary gaming experience that encapsulates the character's attitude and style. Upon launching, we're hoping to capture the attention and responsiveness of Maxis subscribers", considers H.E.Mah, Ozura's Chief Marketing Officer.

"Hello Kitty's Birthday Surprise" will bring a cheerful world on mobile phones, with bright, vivid colors and adorable characters. This makes it most suitable for children, but does not mean that it will be unable to bring some fun and relaxing playtime to grown-ups too.

The story line is quite simple and asks the player to collect a certain amount of food ingredients needed in order to proceed to the next round. The final goal is that of making a strawberry cake for mama. What could be sweeter than that? The game features two modes: story and tournament, in order to break monotony.

"Hello Kitty's Birthday Surprise" will see an exclusive launch for the Malaysian MaxGames Community, where the character is already highly popular. Along with the game's release, several promoting campaigns will also be launched in order to run throughout a period of time based on the game itself. This includes the SMS Slogan Contest and also a daily SMS Horoscope service.

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