Helena Bonham Carter Will Play Elizabeth Taylor in New BBC4 Film

Dominic West will play Richard Burton, film will focus on their troubled relationship

Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West have just been cast as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a new film that will document their troubled and ever-fascinating romance and business relationship.

BBC4 will produce and air the new film, the Daily Mail reports.

Speaking with the tab, Carter, who, in recent years, has made quite a reputation for herself for playing quirky roles (mostly in her husband Tim Burton’s films), knows that people will have to suspend disbelief completely to buy her as the great Liz.

Still, she says, appearances are not everything.

“I look nothing like her for a start but it’s about capturing the essence of them at a particular time. She was and continues to be a fascinating woman and she was a huge star. There’s no one comparable around now,” she says.

I love her and honestly think she’ll do a fabulous job. Dominic too: an immensely talented actor who just doesn’t get the exposure he deserves.

Take that Lindsay Lohan.

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