Helen Mirren Beating Megan Fox for Esquire’s Hottest Woman Title

Online poll shows men find 63-year-old actress the hotter of the two

Helen Mirren has often been branded a foxy lady these past few years, though that’s something she’s rather coy about, saying it’s more hype than real fact. Esquire magazine has pitted her against one of the hottest young women now active in showbiz, “Transformers” star Megan Fox and, by the looks of preliminary numbers, Mirren is winning by a long shot.

At the time of writing, the 63-year-old legendary actress with a very sharp sense of humor and still a body to kill for is sitting pretty at 62 percent, with no less than 252,742 votes. At the opposite pole is the younger actress (22), described as a bombshell who doesn’t play coy, with 38 percent of all the votes, meaning 154,637 votes. However, voting is not closed yet, though chances of Fox making a comeback when Mirren has this kind of upper hand on her are slim to none.

“Helen Mirren [is] clearly out to show that her automatic bid as the Big 60 conference champion was no fluke. The game is far from over for Fox. She made a last-minute push over the weekend (perhaps when voters went back to look at some of her old game footage, or just because she’s a fox) and has narrowed the gap to a slightly more manageable 39 percent to 61 percent. (She had been trailing by as much as forty percentage points.) Mirren, however, remains cautiously humble – and as poised as her championship team in 1980,” Esquire writes of the unlikely and very surprising bracket-system battle.

The magazine even caught up with the actress, who says she’s almost stunned by what happened when the poll went online, aside from being included in the first place. Personally, she thinks Megan is “one of the smartest, coolest, and [hottest] creatures in the Western Hemisphere,” therefore she’s “gobsmacked” for having made it so far. Should she win, though, she would not change her mind on Megan Fox, whom she will continue to see in the same light as before – not that she’s holding her breath she’ll win or anything.

Other brackets considered by Esquire in the online poll include Anne Hathaway and Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz and Paula Patton, and Eva Mendes and Sienna Miller. To vote for your favorite lady, please see here.

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