Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Tell Bethenny “The Hills” Was Entirely Fake – Video

In reality television, nothing really is as it seems, infamous duo confirms once more

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, once the most famous and mediated couple to come out of a reality show (MTV’s “The Hills”), are long past their prime but, before you weep for them, hear of the upside that comes with their fading popularity: they’re more than ever eager to reveal secrets from the set of the show that made them household names.

For the past couple of years now, the only reason why Heidi and Spencer still made headlines was because they were willing to touch on topics that they could not before, either because they were still making a profit off those things or because they were bound by confidentiality agreements.

The latest Bethenny episode, which airs today, comes with an exclusive interview with the duo and, this time, they’re really holding nothing back in terms of spilling secrets.

The biggest reveal is that everything about “The Hills” was fake towards the end of the show, from the fights they used to have, to Heidi’s pregnancy scare and the way Spencer reacted to the news. Heidi does say that the show started off as “fairly real,” but then the producers wanted it to be more scripted because they were “competing with ‘Gossip Girl’,” which was scripted programming – and billed as such.

The two explain that they went along with it for the money (of course!) but insist that they “drew the line” when producers wanted them to fake their way through their own wedding as well. They try to make it sound as if they had suddenly developed a conscience and were willing to stand their ground for what they believed no matter how much money was thrown at them.

In the second video embedded at the end of this article, Spencer goes on to explain that much of their fame was fake, in the sense that it wasn’t what fans at home perceived it to be. Specifically, he talks of their relationship with the paparazzi and how they were never “hounded” by them.

“They were never following us, I was calling them. There's big money in there. Every photo you take, they are selling them to the tabloids. So if you partner up with them, you get a cut. We were making like half a million dollars in photos a year,” he says.

Again, this too was known or rumored to be true, but it’s the first time when either of them goes on the record with the truth.

As for where all that money went, Heidi and Spencer have changed their story and, instead of saying as before that they blew it on unwise investments, they now claim that they practically “gave it all away” to friends in need, or who claimed to be so.

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