Heidi Klum Wows as Cleopatra at Belated Halloween Bash

Model goes all out with costume, facial decorations for charity gala

Each year so far, Heidi Klum and, until not long ago, her ex-husband Seal, delivered the thrills on Halloween in terms of costume. Though they’re no longer together and even if she celebrated Halloween late this year, Heidi did not disappoint.

As fans must know, Heidi canceled all plans for her yearly Halloween bash when Sandy hit New York, saying she thought it would be the last thing people wanted at that moment.

Obviously, she was right.

Having rescheduled the party for a later date, Heidi made sure the occasion would also provide those hit by Superstorm Sandy with funds to get their life back on track, so she turned it into a charity gala.

Nevertheless, she still went out of her way to have the most complicated and positively outstanding costume of the lot, as Fashion & Style also points out.

Check out the photo attached to this article to see the model / television personality as a very colorful and ornate Cleopatra. The Daily Mail has more pics from the party.

“The blonde supermodel donned a shimmery Cleopatra costume to her Haunted Holiday party sponsored by Svedka Vodka at Finale Nightclub in New York City. Never one to disappoint, Klum went all out on the Cleopatra getup,” the e-zine says.

“The star sported an elaborate gold headdress, a gold sparkling gown with a low neckline, a gorgeous floor-length cape, and a jewel encrusted face. Though we missed her former other half, Seal, with his matching costume, Klum did pretty well on her own. She arrived with Santa Claus as her date,” the same media outlet notes.

From what we can see from other photos available online, Heidi’s costume also included floor-length scaly sleeves that she had removed after posing on the red carpet.

While fans had already gotten a first look at the costume when Heidi posted a photo of her wearing it on Twitter, before Halloween, they had no idea that she would also be decorating her face with dozens of colorful rhinestones.

Indeed, no one can say Klum takes Halloween lightly.

All the proceeds from the party go straight to The American Red Cross for disaster relief.

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