Heavy Rain Creator Is Unsure About Second-Hand Game Bans

Gamers and developers need to agree on how to proceed

Rumors suggest that the next home consoles from both Microsoft and Sony will have mechanics designed to prevent players from using games obtained from the second-hand market, but at least one developer is unsure about the move.

David Cage, the creator of the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, tells IGN that, “On one hand, I understand consumer’s position. Games are expensive. When they buy something they want to be able to trade it, most of the time to buy more games. I can understand that point.”

He also believes that it is unfair for developers and publishers to miss out on all the revenue that is created by the secondary market.

He admits that a solution will be hard to find and that restrictions linked to hardware might be a problem when it comes to player reaction.

Cage adds, “Maybe it’s more about explaining and about telling people who really love games that if they buy used games, there will be a day where there won’t be any new games at all.”

Publishers have been trying for a long time to limit, if not eliminate, the impact of the used games market, by giving away more content for those who are willing to pre-order a game and by introducing more DLC for their successful titles.

But gamers are still attracted by the idea of selling one title in order to fund future purchases and will likely react negatively if Microsoft and Sony ban used-game play altogether.

Quantic Dream is at the moment working on a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, which is set to be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3 later during the year.

The new game uses complex motion tracking and features a main character played by Ellen Page.

Players will explore her relationship with a supernatural entity.

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