Heavy Rain Creator Encourages Players to Vote with Their Wallets

The industry needs to create innovative games to progress

David Cage, the video game maker best known for his work on Heavy Rain, says that the gaming industry needs to grow up by offering a more varied array of experiences, seeking to expand its audience and creating more innovative ways to engage.

Speaking during the DICE 2013 event, the leader of Quantic Dream says that the industry he is part of has created the same games over and over and needs to break this vicious cycle.

Cage’s presentation is entitled “The Peter Pan Syndrome: The Industry That Refused to Grow Up” and he states, “This is an issue for our industry. Many times starting a new game I feel like I’ve already played it a thousand times. My gut feeling is that we need to find a way to reach a wider audience.”

The main ideas for progress suggested by Cage are:

1. Make games for all audiences.

2. Change our paradigms.

3. The importance of meaning.

4. Become accessible.

5. Bring other talent on board.

6. Establish new relationships with Hollywood.

7. Changing our relationship with censorship.

8. The role of the press.

9. The importance of gamers.

He adds, “I often think that buying or not buying a game is almost like a political vote. You decide if you want the industry to go in this direction or not go in this direction. Buy exciting, risky games, and you will get more of them. When you buy games, you vote for where you want the industry to go.”

At the moment, David Cage and his Quantic Dream studio are working on Beyond: Two Souls, a game that will use extensive motion tracking and will focus on a character’s relation with a supernatural entity.

Ellen Page will provide the voice and actions for Jodie Holmes and the game is expected to arrive during 2013.

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