Hawaii Shark Attack: 61-Year-Old Is Bitten by a Tiger Shark

Following the incident, local authorities decided to close the beaches to swimmers

This past Friday, a 61-year-old man named Tom Kennedy got bitten by a shark while he was snorkeling with a friend in the waters off the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Despite the fact that the man cannot say for sure what species the shark that bit him belonged to, local authorities suspect that it was a tiger shark.

They base their assumption on the fact that, while surveying the area later with a helicopter, they spotted an 8-10-feet-long animal belonging to this species in the waters.

The man suffered extensive injuries to his lower left leg and his thigh, but it seems that he was perfectly conscious and alert when he was taken to a local hospital, sources say.

Following this incident, authorities decided to shut down the beaches close to where this man was bitten, and asked people not to go into the waters.

However, it seems that the beaches were reopened Saturday afternoon, as a result of no other shark sightings in the area.

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