Hawaii Now Available in Google Street View

While Google has compiled a list of locations for the Street View trike to visit

Google Street View has been expanding to more and more countries and locations, but it has just now finally finished with the US having included the final state, Hawaii. Fittingly, the 50th US state became the 50th to be featured in the service. And to mark the occasion, Google has also launched an online gallery with some of the most interesting imagery in Street View.

“In 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state admitted to the union. Today, 50 years later, we're including Hawaii as the 50th state in Street View on Google Maps. With our imagery of Oahu and Maui, you can now take a virtual vacation to white sandy beaches, revisit special places from your honeymoon, or plan your next getaway,” Laura Melahn, product marketing manager for Google Street View, wrote.

“We've worked with the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau to create collections in our new Street View Gallery featuring Hawaii's best beaches and hometown favorites of President Obama,” she added.

There are a lot of interesting spots to see in Street View, but Hawaii holds a special place with some very fascinating imagery for the armchair traveler. Regardless of whether one is planning their next vacation or just sightseeing, there's plenty to see.

In the meantime, Google has also been working to bring even more locations to Street View, which have been previously impossible to reach. With the Street View trike, Google can go to many places it otherwise wouldn't be able to go to and, after visiting some famous locations in Europe, it's bringing it stateside.

But with so many places to choose from, Google had to decide where to go and did what it usually does, it asked its users for help by allowing them to suggest the places they wanted to see. Now, Google has gathered over 25,000 suggestions and has culled them to create several categories in which people can vote to support their favorite locations. Google has the full list of locations and attractions including places like Alcatraz Island in San Francisco and the Kennedy Space Center.

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