Have Santa Create a Personalized YouTube Video for Everyone You Know

Whether their a Sith Master or accountant, Santa is ready for anyone

Last week, Google made it possible to leave a voicemail message to Santa and even to get a call from him. That first stage of the campaign has been very successful, Google says. Now, it's going one step further and is enabling people to create personalized videos for their loved ones as well.

"Anyone in the world can create and send a personalized cartoon video message (in English only) from Santa to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, and share them through email and Google+," Google announced.

The phone call feature was only available in the US, but you can create videos for anyone in the world.

To create a video message from Santa, just use the same site as before. There are several customization options and the end result will be fairly personalized.

You can create a straight up personalized video that should feel rather believable, especially to kids, but there are several more amusing options if you're feeling a bit cheeky, like sending Santa to polish his rims.

The SendaCallFromSanta.com site is rather easy to use. It has a series of questions to make it easier to create the custom video or audio message. Once you're done, you'll have the option of sharing the video either by email or via Google+.

The video is uploaded to YouTube as unlisted, meaning that other people won't be able to find it unless they know the link.

However, because it is publicly accessible and because it is on YouTube, there's nothing preventing you from sharing the video via other means, Facebook for example.

Ever since the new campaign got started, Google has called hundreds of thousands of people with custom phone calls from Santa, so it must be doing something right.

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