Hashcat Can Now Be Used to Crack 55-Character Passwords

The developers say this has been the most requested feature

The developers of oclHashcat have released a new version of the popular password cracking tool. The latest release is capable of cracking passwords that are made of up to 55 characters.

A lot of sensitive data is leaked these days by hackers. While in most cases the leaked passwords are encrypted, it’s becoming easier for cybercriminals to crack the hashes.

The latest version of oclHashcat supports several new algorithms and GPUs.

Various other changes have been implemented, but the most important is the fact that the tool can now be utilized to crack passwords that are longer than 15 characters.

The developers admit that performance is negatively impacted by adding support for longer passwords. However, they claim this was “by far one of the most requested features.”

“We can crack passwords up to length 55, but in case we're doing a combinator attack, the words from both dictionaries can not be longer than 31 characters. But if the word from the left dictionary has the length 24 and the word from the right dictionary is 28, it will be cracked, because together they have length 52,” Jens Steube, the lead Hashcat developer, wrote in the release notes.

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