Harvey: Kitten Born Without Bones in Its Front Legs Still Enjoys Life

The cat is ready and willing to play, caretakers say

Harvey, a four-month-old rescue cat now living at a Cats Protection branch in Glasgow, was born without bones in its front legs. More precisely, the kitten lacks the bony structures that were supposed to connect its paws to the upper half of its legs.

Because of this, it was left with no choice except use its hind legs and its elbows to move about the house. However, those looking after it say that the kitten is surprisingly lively, and that it is ready and willing to make the most of life.

According to Daily Record, the medical condition that caused this cat to be born without bones in its front legs is known as agnesis.

The good news is that, thanks to its caretakers' raising sufficient funds, Harvey will soon undergo surgery and have metal pins inserted in its legs. Needless to say, these metal pins will act as bone replacements.

“If he doesn’t get the operation he’ll start to damage his spine,” explained Liz McCulloch, one of the people now looking after Harvey's well-being.

Check out the video below to see Harvey playing with a plush toy.

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