Harry Styles of One Direction Hit with Shoe in the Groin – Video

Eager fan accidentally injures teen idol during live show in Glasgow

The “who let Taylor Swift in” jokes write themselves with this one: during a recent One Direction concert in Glasgow, one fan threw a shoe on stage, hitting Harry Styles smack in the groin and sending him down to the ground.

Video of the incident is above and, though at first it looks like Harry is acting a bit, towards the end of the clip, it becomes clear that he’s in pain.

Whoever threw the shoe does deserve credit at least for throwing both of them. After all, what would the boys want with just one women’s sneaker, right?

On the same note, credit also goes for being original. Female fans (some of them, that is) are known to throw lingerie pieces at their idols or flowers and stuffed cute animals, but shoes? In the groin? That must be a first.

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