Harry Styles Steps Out on Date with Kendall Jenner

This could be a match made in celebrity / tabloid heaven

Despite rumors saying just the other day that Harry Styles of One Direction was still so very much in love with Taylor Swift that he’d managed to get her to agree to give him another chance, a recent report indicates that he’s actually dating Kendall Jenner.

Kendall, in case you’ve been living under a rock, is the model from the Jenner girls, half-sister to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. In other words, if this is true, Harry is about to step into serious Kardashian territory.

The Daily Mail has photos of the two in his car after a dinner date in West Hollywood, just one day after he landed in Los Angeles with One Direction on promo business for their new album “Midnight Memories.”

They’re not holding hands or kissing or anything like that (they’re not even looking at each other, for that matter) but, seeing how these are paparazzi photos, that doesn’t really mean anything.

“The pair were spotted enjoying a low-key dinner date in West Hollywood on Wednesday night before driving off together. Harry, 19, who is in the US promoting One Direction's new album, managed to find time in his busy schedule to take 18-year-old Kendall on a night out,” the Mail writes.

Another sign that this could be a budding romance is the very fact that Kendall has not said anything about it yet neither on Twitter nor Instagram, though she usually keeps her followers very much in the loop as to what concerns pretty much everything in her personal life.

What we’re saying is that, if this were just a casual dinner date that didn’t mean anything, she would have boasted about it on social media. After all, going out with One Direction’s biggest star is every 18-year-old’s dream come true so she’d want people to know about it.

So, this could be a budding romance. Rest assured that Kendall will be tweeting about it in a couple of weeks if all goes well, and you’ll find out about it here.

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