Harry Styles, 19, Is Dating Kimberly Stewart, 33

Young One Direction singer steps out for dinner with the Stewarts

Harry Styles of One Direction is perhaps the first to admit that all those rumors making the rounds about him preferring older women are actually true, so we should probably not be too surprised that he’s now seeing Kimberly Stewart.

Kimberly is Rod Stewart’s 33-year-old daughter and the mother of Benicio del Toro’s only daughter.

She was once associated with Paris Hilton but has been keeping a very low profile in recent years, once she outgrew the wild party girl stage.

The other night, she, Styles, and the rest of her family went out for dinner, it has emerged. The moment photos of the group leaving the restaurant went online, rumors started making the rounds that there might be something between Harry and Kimberly.

One source tells OMG Yahoo that “I’d use the term dating loosely,” but that’s not keeping the tabs from talking about a possible romance in the handsome singer’s life, who most recently dated – and dumped – Taylor Swift.

“It wasn't a romantic dinner for two. Instead, Stewart brought along her whole family including dad Rod, his wife Penny Lancaster, Kimberly's 32-year-old brother Sean, and Sean's on-again, off-again girlfriend, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof, 51, who apparently are back on,” OMG writes.

“Between Harry and Kimberly, Stewart and Adrienne, and 68-year-old patriarch Rod and his 42-year-old wife, Penny, the average age difference between significant others at that dinner was 19 years. Welcome to Hollywood!” adds the same media outlet.

Even so, Harry spent the night over at the Stewart compound, the Daily Mail reports.

It even has photos of him leaving Kimberly’s house to grab coffee and, you have to admit, this does nothing to squash those romance rumors.

“According to a source on the scene, a certain blonde haired rock progeny was hiding in the car waiting to receive her caffeine injection,” the Mail writes. In other words, they left her house together for the coffee run.

Rest assured that you’ll find out more about this so-called new romance here, if any of this turns out to be accurate.

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