Haribo Wins in Gummy Bear Battle Against Lindt Chocolate Teddy

Chocolate makers Lindt & Sprüngli, from Switzerland, allegedly copied their Gummy Bear

German company Haribo has won the battle against chocolate makers Lindt & Sprüngli, from Switzerland, sued for copying the shape of their trademark Teddy Gummy Bear.

Haribo claims that Lindt's chocolate Teddy, wrapped in gold-colored foil, has the same characteristics as their golden Gummy Bear.

From what I can see, the sweets share the image of a bear, the sitting position and the height of about 2 cm (0.8 inches).

However, Lindt's product sports a knit scarf, wrapped in a ribbon and a charm, making it look a bit more premium. Also, its facial expression is much more visible, and, let's not forget, it's not made of jelly.

Even so, a German court ruled in favor of Haribo, the inventor of the Gummy Bear. According to the Guardian, Lindt will not be selling its golden Teddies anymore.

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