Happy Birthday Fuduntu!

The Fuduntu operating system celebrates the second anniversary

The Fuduntu distribution, a Fedora-based operating system that aims to have an Ubuntu feel, is now celebrating two years of existence.

Fuduntu has a 'punny' name, but it's a serious distro, at least this is what the developers are thinking. It started as a Fedora-based distribution, but went on to become an independent OS.

In 2012, Fuduntu undergone some serious changes and over the course of the year it garnered over 50,000 users, and the developers have gathered new volunteers who are now working in support, design, packaging, and development teams.

One of the biggest changes in Fuduntu's infrastructure was the implementation of a new leadership team.

Currently, the organization consists of 6 individual areas with 7 leaders: Project Leader, Support, Development, Packaging, Communications, and Marketing.

Other important changes include a quarterly release strategy starting with 2012.1, the introduction of a mirror network, hosting migrations, latest stable kernel in the 3.4 series, GRUB2, and many others.

Fuduntu has managed to hold on to GNOME 2 and the distribution now benefits from a new base theme built on Equinox and a new icon pack based on Faenza.

The Integration of Google’s Droid fonts and the addition of the most beautiful copyleft wallpapers available, have also contributed to the success of the Fuduntu operating system.

“Our development team has done an exceptional job this year fixing bugs and developing new software for our distribution. One thing that sets us apart at Fuduntu is that our developers are very close to our end users, often interacting with them directly,” stated the announcement.

“Overall, this has been our best year yet in terms of platform growth and community. As we look forward to 2013, I believe we have a strong future ahead,” concluded the development team.

Download Fuduntu 2012.4 and Fuduntu 14.10 right now from Softpedia.

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