Happy 12th Birthday Google

Google is now celebrating its 12th birthday. Though the exact date is somewhat shrouded in mystery, Google usually chooses September 27 to celebrate its birthday and it's doing it this year as well.

Seeing that it is its birthday, Google decided to spring a little, buy itself a little present and then show it to the world. It should be no surprise either, Google is sporting an anniversary logo, or doodle as Google calls them, on most of its localized versions, probably all.

And it's no ordinary doodle either, the birthday cake was drawn by American artist Wayne Thiebaud, now 89, who is best known for his drawings of, well, cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks, according to the always reliable Wikipedia.

While most his works date from the fifties and sixties, he is still active today. He is associated with the pop art movement because of his drawing style and interest in mass culture.

Google regularly marks notable occasions by showing a custom logo on the homepage. Very recently, it predated the launch of Google Instant with a couple of doodles which related to the new search paradigm, first a dynamic and interactive particle movement simulation and then with a "type-in" logo.

The Google birthday cake is the second doodle to be showcased internationally since Google Instant was launched, after the Agatha Christie doodle a couple of weeks ago.

The actual Google birthday is up for debate. Google itself has celebrated it on September 7 and September 27 as well, depending on how it felt like it.

UPDATE: Here you can check out every Google Birthday doodle ever made, from 2002 onwards.

Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998, though the 'official' date may be September 7. Google.com was registered on September 15. In recent years, September 27 has become the established birthday and this seems to be the date going forward.


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