Hank the Cat Comes in Third in Virginia Senate Race

Cat's campaign attracts voters attention, secures 6,000 votes

Politics is a jungle, and felines know how to get ahead in an aggressive environment. A cat may have come in third in Virginia's Senate Race, securing 6,000 votes in this year's elections.

Hank's campaign was meant as a spoof on the election process, and nobody actually expected the cat to gather actual votes, from humans, who could have voted for other humans.

“Friends, we live in troubled times - there's no doubting that,” Hank's campaign manifesto ironically puts it.

According to the National Constitution Center Blog, there was no candidate coming in third, listed on the ballot, below contenders Tim Kaine and George Allen, and Hank could be that missing candidate.

Hank's election results may not have been validated yet, as the Examiner explains, but the cat's “Jobs, Animal Rescue/Spay & Neuter programs, and Positive Campaign Reform” platform did manage to pull in more than $15,000 (€11,700) , which were donated to animal rescue groups.

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