Hank Baskett Cheating Scandal Is Affecting Kendra Wilkinson’s Breastfeeding

Still, she’s determined to stick by his side, on Hugh Hefner’s advice

Hank Baskett is said to have cheated on his pregnant wife Kendra Wilkinson with transgender model Ava London, but the former Playboy Bunny is determined to stick by her man through thick and thin and make the marriage work for the sake of their two children.

However, all this drama is taking a huge toll on her – and not just because she “cries every night” and is still in shock after she learned about the lengths he would go to to hide the scandalous affair from her, including paying off London from their joint bank account.

Kendra gave birth to her and Hank’s second child, daughter Alijah Mary, in May this year and, reveals a source close to the family, the tot is directly affected by the drama as well. “It's affecting her milk production and, quite simply, breaking her heart,” the friend tells People magazine.

Luckily, she’s not entirely alone in this. Kendra’s mother is staying with them while they’re trying to see if they can work through their problems, but Hugh Hefner has also reached out to her to offer her a shoulder to cry on and some sound piece of advice.

The Playboy mogul actually dated Kendra when she was still a Bunny, “promoting” her to the next level and turning her into one of his three regular girlfriends. Apparently, they’re still pretty close – or, at least, close enough for The Hef to tell her that she should just stay married and overlook the cheating.

“She said that Hef has offered to help in any way he can but has been urging her to try and work it out, as he knows how hard divorce can be on the kids. But that if she is going to leave, to do it now while the kids are young enough not to remember life any other way,” the spy says.

Baskett was exposed as a cheater only some weeks ago, when word got out in the tabloids of a so-called affair he had behind Kendra’s back, before she gave birth to Alijah, when she was in her 8th month of pregnancy.

The very next day, the “other woman” came forward to confirm the rumor: Ava London started speaking to the tabloids, offering all the details of the tryst and Hank’s desperate attempts to cover it up. She said they never slept together, but they did mutually please each other.

London also claimed that Hank knew from the start that she was transgender and didn’t mind. In fact, he seemed to like her even more for it.

At some point after their initial encounter, Baskett found out that they would be writing a story about him, and quite desperate, called London to bribe her into not speaking with the press. It was then that he promised to provide for her financially for at least a few years, as a recording of a phone conversation London released confirmed.

The icing on the cake on all this is that all of us who found out about the scandal in the press will get to relive it soon, because cameras for Kendra and Hank’s reality show haven’t stopped rolling since this whole mess started.


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