Hang Glider Pilot Refuels at Gas Station in Russia – Video

Watch the pilot fuel and take off, after taking to the street with the hang glider

Have you ever wondered where you would fuel your hang glider if you had one? At a gas station, of course, as the star of a clip from Russia shows.

He lands, takes the flying device to the pumps as he would a vehicle, then maneuvers it onto the road. After he lets motorists pass, he takes to the road and flies away. The end of the clip is actually quite an amazing sight to see in traffic.

However, landing at a gas station in Russia like that can prove dangerous. As I noted before, 26,567 people died in car accidents in the country in 2010.

In Russia, cows fall off trucks, motorists do dangerous swerves while driving fast and people fist fight over fender benders.

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