“Handsome Guy” Omar Borkan Al Gala Is Too Handsome for Facebook as Well

Model’s Facebook page “disappears,” he insists he didn’t delete it

There is such a thing as being too handsome / pretty for your own good: just ask Omar Borkan Al Gala, a model, photographer, and poet from Dubai. After being deported from Saudi Arabia for his good looks, he’s also being kicked out of Facebook.

And to think that, out of all places, Facebook would be the one where he’d be most embraced.

Al Gala’s Facebook page is now offline, showing just the note that the link might be broken or the page has been deleted. Apparently, handsomeness can do that.

On another page that he must have set up after this one was deleted, Al Gala explains that he wasn’t the one to take such action, which totally makes sense considering he had almost 800,000 followers.

As we informed you in April, Al Gala caught the ever-watching eye of the authorities in Saudi Arabia (the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices, to be more exact), who had him deported because he was considered a real threat to women’s virtue.

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