Hands On: Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is an alternate story in the universe of the series which will be out on October 19 and takes fans of the post apocalyptic series to the West, where they will find that the City of Sin has not been changed that much by the nuclear exchange with China.

At Gamescom Bethesda brought a demo of Fallout: New Vegas which is designed to show how the game plays and how it has changed over the already classic Fallout 3, which was a hit back in 2009.

[ADMARk=1]The section of New Vegas that is shown at Gamescom does not look that different from the Washington of the previous titles in the series, even if the developers are promising that complete casinos still exist in Vegas and that the player will be able to visit them and even bet a little if he is need of some quick cash (or a rapid decline into bankrupcy).

The demo was played using a Xbox 360 controller, a less than ideal setup for a PC enthusiast like me, but the gameplay was smooth and the shooting, with a variety of weapons including That Gun and a plasma pistol, was pretty satisfying.

The enemy characters seem a bit brighter than in Fallout 3, eager to pinpoint the position of the player and then move around the flank for a quick kill

The Vegas spirit was well captured with a local band that looked and dressed like Elvis, mostly of the skinny variety, thankfully.

I picked a fight with them in close quarter just to see what impact a golf club could have.

Swinging it looks nice, especially from a the third person perspective that was always a weakness of Fallout 3, but the in combat impact with negligible and I wound up dead.

I am also happy to report that, in the demo at least, you could not steal everything that was not nailed down and even messing with an old jukebox resulted in an increase in infamy and a fight.

As long as Obsidian manages to craft a purposeful narrative and add some nice irony laden dialog Fallout: New Vegas is shaping up as one of the more exciting launches of the fall.

Sadly, Bethesda did not allow me to take any pictures of the game, so I have posted a view of the booth.

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