Hands-Free Whopper Holder Helps Burger King Customers Become Lazier

Burger King celebrates 50 years on the Puerto Rican market

Burger King has debuted a product that can help you when all you want to do is eat a burger, and you cannot even summon the strength and determination needed to pick it up and carry it all the way to your mouth.

The Hands-Free Whopper Holder can do just that, as it literally holds your burger up for you, leaving you the freedom of multi-tasking while eating.

As the funny video above reveals, you can now eat while boxing, walking your pooch or giving someone a tattoo.

All jokes aside, this device was premiered on the 50-year celebration of the chain's restaurant opening in Puerto Rico.

According to HuffPost, 50 Whopper Holders were given out to customers during the anniversary promotional event.

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