Hand-Ignoring Touchpad Is As Wide As a Keyboard – Video

Called the Longpad, it lets people type without worry of the software going out of whack

A certain video surfaced on YouTube last month, which we initially missed but warrants attention even so. It shows a very interesting touchpad concept that might just replace keyboard someday.

Of course, touchpads will have to gain the ability to grow actual buttons before people can truly say they are a replacement for physical keyboard.

The Longpad, as the touchpad is called, may just be the latest step in that direction.

As wide as a keyboard, though an admittedly small one, the Longpad can play the part of keyboard easily, and it won't get confused if user palms brush over it.

In fact, the hands will be completely ignored while typing is in progress.

Most of the functionality is owed to the use of infrared LEDs instead of a capacitive surface.

The sensors detect light bouncing back on them and check profiles of how different parts of the hand reflect infrared light.

A group of researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has made the breakthrough.

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