Hammerpoint Interactive Answers The War Z Complaints

Gamers need to pay more attention to the Steam text

After the launch of The War Z on Steam, a number of players have complained that many expected game features are not working properly. However, the team in charge of the game says that the criticism is only coming from a limited segment of the player base.

Sergey Titov, the general manager at Hammerpoint Interactive, tells Kotaku that, “We’re constantly running surveys to ask our players what they think – how we’re doing. As of right now over 93% of our customers like the game, with over 40% saying it’s perfect and around 50% saying it’s good, but they’d like to see more polishing and features.”

He adds, “Yet, 4% don’t like the game and decided not to play it, and 3% hate the game. My point is that absolute majority of our players are supporting us, yet, yes, players who don’t like the game will be very vocal about it.”

Titov has also explained that the current Foundation release is not a beta, but a version of the game that can still be improved by the development team based on feedback.

The developer also claims that Hardcore mode is actually available and that many players simply miss it when the game is launched.

Hammerpoint Interactive also says that it will update the official Steam page for The War Z in order to offer clearer information to potential players and guide them as they try out the game for the first time.

The War Z will see players join a game world that has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse.

Just before the start of the game, a new strain of zombie appears, which allows for vaccine to be created and the population to be rescued by enterprising players.

Many users have noticed that the game was very similar to the Day Z mod for ArmA 2.

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