Hamilton the Hipster Mustache Cat Becomes a Viral Name Online

Hamilton will be advertising T-shirts for Urban Outfitters

Hipsters are all about mustaches, and one kitty has a natural one that looks like it was glued on.

Hamilton, the mustached hipster feline, is already becoming a favorite among cat and cat meme aficionados.

According to Red Alert Politics, Hamilton's owner is comedian Jay Stowe who found him in a Humane Society Silicon Valley shelter.

Now the puss already has a deal promoting T-shirts for Urban Outfitters, after causing a splash on Instagram and Twitter.

In order to get a look at more photos of Hamilton the hipster cat, feel free to check out his very own Facebook profile.

“I learned early on that I will never be able to compete with Ham’s mustache. [...] It’s just easier to let him be the debonair one in the house,” Stowe says.

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