Hamas Accused of Hacking Facebook Account of Former Official

Dr. Khader Mahjar says his account has been hacked into three times this month

Dr. Khader Mahjar, a former official of Hamas, says the organization has hacked into his Facebook account. 

Mahjar has told the Ma’an News Agency that this is not the first time his social media account is hacked. He claims his account has been hacked on three separate occasions this month alone.

Mahjar is one of the individuals who condemn Hamas for targeting media organizations.

In late July, Reporters Without Borders called for the immediate reopening of the Ma’an News and Al-Arabiya TV offices in Gaza City after they were shut down by the Hamas government.

Hamas decided to close the offices after the news agencies reported that the Islamic organization was sheltering members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had fled Egypt.

Hamas officials argued that they closed the media organizations’ offices “for distributing false news regarding the smear campaign against Hamas and Gaza about what's happening in Egypt.”

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