Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 7 Gets Trailer

The new add-on is out on Monday, January 28, for free

By on January 25th, 2013 15:27 GMT

After resuming the release of new Spartan Ops episodes this week by launching the sixth part in the DLC series, Microsoft has now posted a trailer for Episode 7 of Halo 4's co-op experience.

Besides delivering a great single-player campaign and a sprawling competitive multiplayer experience, 343 Industries has also included with Halo 4 a special cooperative mode called Spartan Ops that received new DLC each week since the game's launch in November.

After a brief break over the winter holidays, 343 resumed the release schedule and posted Episode 6 at the beginning of the week.

Now, the studio is getting ready to debut Episode 7 next week and has now released a special teaser trailer that shows off a bit of footage from the new add-on.

In the video above, you can see Lasky confront Halsey for her actions while the Infinity ship is invaded by the forces of terrorist Jul 'Mdama.

Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 7 is out on Monday, January 28, for free.