Halo 4 Receives FFA Throwback Multiplayer Mode on November 26

It will accommodate four maps for a mix of Oddball and King of the Hill

Halo 4 is set to receive access to a new multiplayer mode on Monday, November 26, called FFA Throwback, designed to allow players to experience two different types of gameplay at the same time.

Jessica Shea, a community manager working at developer 343 Industries, says on the official Halo Waypoint site that, “FFA Throwback offers two free-for-all experiences in one playlist - Oddball and King of the Hill.”

The message adds, “If you've been dominating these modes with teammates, see how the game changes when it's every Spartan for themselves.”

343 Industries says that only four maps will be supported by FFA Throwback at the moment: Solace, Abandon, Complex and Adrift.

Each round will take 12 minutes to complete and eight gamers will be involved in the battles.

50 points will be required to win for King of the Hill, while for Oddball, the total is increased to 100.

On the same day, the team behind Halo 4 has plans to introduce a new major patch, fixing location exploits on many maps and increasing the level cap for daily experience gain for characters.

The company says that it will continue to listen to the feedback that the community offers and that more tweaks and fixes for Halo 4 will be launched every Monday.

343 Industries wants to make sure that the multiplayer modes of the new Master Chief featuring first-person shooter are solid enough to make the game significant in the long term and make it a competitor to series like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Halo 4 sees Master Chief and companion Cortana explore a Forerunner planet, dealing with both Prometheans and Covenant as they battle to save Earth once again.

This is just the first game in a second Halo trilogy, which will make the leap to the new Microsoft home console.

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