Halo 4 Infinity Challenge Includes Chance to Win UNSC Truck and Cameo

Gamers will be able to qualify starting with December 17

Video game publisher Microsoft and Virgin Gaming are partnering up to offer fans of the Halo universe a chance to enter a new tournament that will include a variety of high-profile prizes, with the highlights being a truck that bears the insignia of the United Nations Space Command and a cameo in the next game in the series.

There are another 2,800 prizes offered in the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, which is only available to those players who are using Xbox Live.

Those who are interested in taking part in the challenge are able to register on the official website, with the qualifying phase set to take place between December 17 and January 10.

Microsoft and Virgin Gaming will then announce plans for the core elements of the tournament.

The two companies say that War Games scores and the number of Spartan Ops chapters that a player has complete will be used to evaluate their Halo 4 performance.

The big prize for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge is a V8 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck that has been re-created by the artist team at developer 343 Industries in order to look like a piece of hardware that is used by the United Nations Space Command.

A cameo in the next Halo game created by the studio is also on offer.

Halo 4 is available exclusively on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and has shattered sales record for the series.

The game stars Master Chief and his A.I. companion Cortana as they explore a new Forerunner planet, fight a new group of enemies that threaten humanity and deal with the Rampancy issue.

The new Halo title also features a completely re-designed multiplayer mode, which brings the series closer to the Call of Duty model, and the Spartan Ops cooperative challenges, which regularly get new content.

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