Halo 4 Cheaters and Modders Use Headless Spartans in Multiplayer

Players with modded Xbox 360 can use this exploit but they can still get shot in the head

Halo 4's Infinity multiplayer mode has been affected by a brand new issue, as those with modded Xbox 360 consoles and pirated copies of the game can use a special exploit that renders their Spartan character without his armor and, more importantly, without a head.

Halo 4 impressed millions of Xbox 360 owners from all around the world last month, when it was released by Microsoft and 343 Industries for that console.

While the game delivered a pretty good single-player campaign, most people rushed straight into the Infinity multiplayer mode and started fighting against others while earning new skill points and customization items for their Spartan character.

Sadly, in recent weeks Halo 4 players have noticed a particularly ghastly exploit in the game's online matches, as while some characters look normal, with all their armor on, other Spartans had no armor, just a body suit, and didn't seem to have a head, as you can see in the image below.

While some rumors appeared about this peculiar thing, Microsoft has released an official statement saying that those whose Spartan characters don't have armors and heads are actually players with modified Xbox 360 consoles that are taking advantage of an exploit.

While they don't seem to have heads, they can still be killed if you shoot right where their heads were supposed to be, as the hitboxes (areas where they receive damage) are the same, with or without the head.

"We are aware of the issue and have already taken action to identify and ban the accounts of these modders and cheaters," Microsoft told Kotaku about these incidents.

"We want players to know that while the mod makes a player's head and armor appear to be invisible, the hit boxes are still intact, so competing players can still defeat them as usual. While the problem was very isolated, we will continue to diligently identify and take action against all offenders."

Have you encountered any headless Spartans in Halo 4's multiplayer mode? Share your experiences below.

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