Halo 4 Campaign Still Contains Easter Eggs, Says Designer

343 Industries wants to help gamers find them all in the coming months

Despite being launched since fall 2012, it seems that the player community still has some way to go before getting access to all the content that developer 343 Industries has integrated into Halo 4.

Jesse Snyder, the lead campaign designer, tells the official Halo Waypoint that, “The Halo 4 Campaign still contains many secrets left uncovered. Did you find any secrets as you played through Campaign? Initially, fans found many things that they thought were Easter eggs.”

The developer says that he was relieved to see that despite claims from players, the team has managed to create a number of secrets that have not yet been uncovered.

He adds, “Act quickly and maybe you’ll find an easter egg on your own, but that time is about to pass. We’ve decided to give you some hints to help you uncover our secrets, without telling you where they are outright.”

Future update from 343 Industries will include information on the Easter Eggs and story details that players might reveal by finding them.

The first clues, which should be interesting to fans of Halo 4, are available in the Waypoint blog post.

343 Industries says that it has long-term plans for Halo 4 support, including more seasons for the Spartan Ops game mode and potentially more content for the single-player campaign.

The universe of the Halo series has always been known for its emphasis on Easter Eggs, extra information about the characters and plot points that was only available for the most dedicated fans.

Despite the fact that the franchise changed developers, moving from Bungie to 343 Industries, the emphasis on fan service has remained.

Halo 4 has been the biggest game in the series so far and another two titles are set to be part of this second Master Chief trilogy, set to launch on the next-gen console from Microsoft.

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