Halle Berry Is Terrified Ex Is Writing Tell-All Book About Her

Gabriel Aubry doesn't want to be portrayed as the bad guy anymore

The custody fight between Halle Berry and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, has gone from bad to worse in recent months, with the actress claiming in court that he's a bad father and an abusive man. Tired of the rumors, Gabriel is getting ready to write a tell-all book, it has emerged.

The two broke up in early 2011, presumably on amicable terms. Shortly afterwards, Halle took Gabriel to court, asking the judge to bar him from seeing their daughter Nahla, except supervised.

The custody battle has been raging ever since, with both sides making nasty allegations about each other in court.

Just the other week, word got out that Halle was trying to convince the judge to allow her to move to France permanently with Nahla, saying she'd received death threats.

Gabriel has had enough of all this, Radar Online has learned.

Because Halle has been leaking stories to the press putting him in a very bad light, he wants to set the record straight, so he's considering writing a tell-all book.

Understandably, the very idea is sending shivers down Halle's spine, since, if he goes ahead with the plan, her secrets will be exposed to the world, which is something no one wants, let alone a celebrity.

“Gabriel is sick of being portrayed as 'an abusive father, a racist and a fool' and is planning to hit Halle where it hurts – in the wallet,” Radar writes.

“Aubry is being urged by his friends to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Berry. And, although he is wary as he wishes to spare the feelings of the warring couple’s daughter, Nahla, a source close to the situation says he has been approached by publishers offering high six figures,” adds the celebrity e-zine.

There is also the option of signing a non-disclosure agreement with Halle, which would bar him from writing the book but still ensure he gets paid.

He obviously needs the money to pay for the ongoing custody battle, which has already dragged on for much longer than he anticipated.

“Gabe has finally woken up and is going for the money because he knows there is no way he can fight to keep his daughter without it,” says a well informed source.

“If he doesn’t get the money he wants from Halle, he is going to go ahead a write a tell-all. Gabe has two separate high six figure offers on the table from NY publishers,” the spy adds.

“Halle is terrified of this happening; it’s her worst nightmare come true – and she’s talking settlement money but locking Gabe into a non disclosure deal. So one way or another he’s going to get paid,” the source explains.

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