Halle Berry, Ex Gabriel Aubry Settle Out of Court [AP]

The two parties have reached amicable agreement after violent Thanksgiving brawl

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry ended the Thanksgiving holiday on less than a spectacular note, with the two men fighting outside the star’s home, landing in hospital afterwards and, in Aubry’s case, in police custody for assault. An agreement has been reached.

Berry and Aubry, who have split many months ago and have been feuding in court over custody rights over 4-year-old daughter Nahla, have reached a settlement out of court, the AP informs.

The news comes on the heels of various reports that Aubry told a court that Martinez, Berry’s current fiancé, had threatened to kill him, while the other camp responded by saying he, the model, was responsible for throwing the first punch.

Details on the agreement are currently under wraps, with the aforementioned media outlet saying that attorneys Blair Berk and Shawn Holley, who confirmed it for the press, would not take questions or elaborate on the topic.

Nevertheless, this means that both Aubry and Berry have come to realize that dragging this in court would be extremely bad for their daughter Nahla, in whose best interest they’ve been fighting all along.

Last we heard, photos of the injuries Aubry sustained at the hands of Martinez had emerged online, together with his deposition claiming the actor had threatened to kill him at least on two occasions: once the day before the brawl and once after he beat him up.

At the same time, Berry and Martinez, who had already obtained a restraining order against Gabriel, were trying to get a permanent restraining order, thus effectively blocking him out of his daughter’s life.

Since breaking up from Aubry and starting to date Martinez, Berry had been trying to convince a judge to relocate permanently to France where, she says, Nahla would be protected against the ever-intrusive paparazzi because of a solid anti-paparazzi law.

Because this would mean that Aubry would hardly get to see his daughter, the judge has denied Halle the request. Whether recent events have tipped the scales in her favor still remains to be seen.

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