Half of All Branded Motherboards Sold in 2012 Were ASUS or Gigabyte Models

Of the 80 million, 50%, give or take, bore the above brands

2012 wasn't the best year for branded motherboard sales, what with declining PC shipments and everything, but some companies did well anyway.

As such, while Intel had a hard enough time to decide on completely withdrawing from the market, ASUS and Gigabyte thrived.

Of the 80 million branded mainboards shipped in 2012, ASUS accounted for 22 million, while Gigabyte sold 19 million, reports say.

Intel managed under five million, quite far behind both ASRock (7.7 million) and Micro-Star International (a full 5 million).

ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock and Elitegroup Computer Systems will probably fill in for Intel from now on.

In any case, there definitely won't be a shortage of platforms for Intel Haswell CPUs, or for AMD's Richland APUs.

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