Half Ton Killer Mayra Rosales’ Weight Loss Documented in New TLC Special

“Half Ton Killer: Transformed” will air on December 4, showcase Rosales’ transformation

In 2011, Mayra Rosales weighed 1,028 pounds (466.2 kg) and was officially the biggest woman in the world but that’s not what brought her headlines from all around, but rather the fact that she was accused of murdering her infant nephew after accidentally sitting on him and crushing him to death.

She was acquitted of the murder when evidence pointed out that the boy’s injuries were inconsistent with her story and she admitted that it was her sister who actually killed him by striking him with a brush in the head, in a fit of rage.

TLC documented her story in a special last year, and it’s now gearing for the release of a new documentary, one that will show this time how much she’s transformed since the highly mediated trial.

Rosales weighs “just” 400 pounds (181.4 kg) now thanks to dieting, therapy, rehabilitation and plastic surgery. The first video for “Half Ton Killer: Transformed” doesn’t reveal her new figure, but the photo attached to this article can give you a hint of just how differently she looks these days.

What the trailer for the documentary does show is how big Rosales was two years ago. Towards the end of the murder trial, she was no longer able to leave the house and would testify from her bed, in the home she was confined to.

It shows firefighters breaking down the wall of the same house and paramedics hauling her on a mattress to the reinforced ambulance, while she admits in voiceover that this is her last chance because, if she doesn’t do anything, she’ll die.

The trailer also connects the dots in the murder trial that brought her to the attention of the international public, and how she was only trying to cover for her sister because she didn’t want authorities to take her other children away.

Moreover, it focuses (a lot!) on her weight from what we assume is a clear intention of making the big reveal of her transformation more impacting. *Please note that discretion is recommended before playing the video as it contains images that might be deemed upsetting.

“Half Ton Killer: Transformed” will air on TLC on December 4. Will you be tuning in?

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